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The examples listed below are meant to give you ideas, not endorsements, for veterans’ programs that increase wellbeing.  Some programs also include options for military family members.  Check for programs in your area that suit your needs and interests.

Canine Therapy

Whether partnering with a service dog for help with daily activities and companionship, or training service dogs for other veterans to use, dogs help humans decompress and make it easier to connect with other dog-loving humans. Read more:

Military Outdoors

Military Outdoors is a Sierra Club program that strives to ensure every veteran in America has an opportunity to get outdoors when they return home after service. Read more:

Outdoor Therapy

Trybe Ecotherapy, an outdoor program for veterans, uses the restorative power of nature to support mental health. Read more:

Veterans Yoga Project

The Veterans Yoga Project provides free online and live classes with yoga teachers who have skill and knowledge to use yoga as a complimentary part of PTS(D) treatment. Read more:

Farmer Veteran Coalition

Farming is an occupation that helps veterans utilize their unique skills and character to feed America, strengthen rural communities, and create sustainable food systems. Agriculture offers purpose, opportunity, physical and psychological benefits. Read more:

Creative Arts

Writing, music, theater, visual arts programs are good medicine to express your pain and hope, have fun and find companionship with other veterans. Read more:

Equine Therapy

Working with horses requires trust, a calm demeanor, and offers an opportunity to take care of another being who relies on you to do your part in the relationship. Read more:

Suicide prevention awareness and resources for immediate help:

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline:

1-800-273-8255 - Press 1 for Veterans’ Crisis Line

Veterans’ Crisis Line.  website:  CLICK HERE
VA Suicide Prevention: CLICK HERE

Concerned Veterans for America

To preserve the freedom and prosperity we and our families fought and sacrificed to defend.